Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coffee and Some Hot Links

Enjoying some Cuban coffee, searching the internets and watching some news tonight. That Cuban coffee, it'll make a multi-tasker outta ya! I've watched some clips today of President Obama on Jay Leno. I gotta say, he is such a likeable guy with a great sense of humor.

According to the GOP, there's no war on women.  Oh reallllly ?

Think of what President Obama could have accomplished for the country if not for the unprecedented  Republican obstructionism.

Pop Star Katy Perry opened for President Obama in Las Vegas last night. This kid is A-OK in my book. And she gets a two thumbs up for the dress!

Senator Crankypants isn't happy with Colin Powell.

Here's what President Obama would do in a second term.

Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck and Reince Priebus walk into a fund raiser..... no really



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  1. Think of what President Obama cheap espresso machine could have accomplished for the country.