Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bonus Sunday Read from the Landover Baptist Church

 "Just last week, a young member of our church approached me with a question," Pastor Deacon Fred told the congregation during morning services. "He asked me, 'Should Christians practice Yoga?' I paused for just a moment before slapping him so hard across the face with the back of my hand that one of his teeth flew out into the hallway. As I watched the man search for his tooth, and, after giving up, then scamper away like a schoolboy sissy, I thought to myself, 'Are we going to have to bring this whole thing up about Yoga again?  I thought our Sunday school curriculum included lessons about the evils of everything Oriental, including Yoga and was being taught to children in our elementary school!  I was so distraught that I spent the entire afternoon with Landover Baptist's Director of Christian Education, Sister Suzie Kirnhill, discussing the matter."

Read the rest of this "Special Report" here

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