Thursday, October 7, 2010

Freedom Works Funding Marco Rubio's Campaign

From Beach Peanuts: (love this little blog)

Marco Rubio’s campaign reported today that it took in $5 million during the third quarter. Last quarter they reported $4.5 million.
Now it’s also being reported that Dick Armey’s PAC, FreedomWorks has just kicked in $10,333 to the Rubio campaign. The money is for “yard signs and door hangers.” That’s a lot of signs and door hangers.
The Rubio campaign also says it will report over $5.5 on hand from last quarter, an increase of $1 million.
You may have noticed that a lot of the current Republican-Tea Bagger candidates don’t do interviews, either won’t take part in debates, or just don’t show up for them, and refuse to talk to editorial boards and media in general. Do you suppose that’s in part due to the fact that they’re just swimming in campaign cash, thanks to that little Supreme Court ruling declaring that corporations are people in terms of donations, and that laws allow undisclosed contributions in large amounts?
These candidates are bringing in such big donations they don’t have to talk to the voters. Voters aren’t footing the bill.
Judging from tonight’s Senate debate, Marco Rubio isn’t giving contributors their money’s worth.

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