Friday, October 29, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig.....

I worked out of town this week.  I stayed in a beautiful new motel. My  room had a view of the waterway leading out to the ocean.  Beautiful.  One problem. The hotel just opened and they're still working out the bugs, including their wireless connection.  OH MY GOD.......    I think I need rehab for internet junkies.  Of course, I could have gone down and used the computer in their business center, but my traveling the internet  reading newspapers and blogs from coast to coast is a very private thing for me.  I like to do it in my jammies.  Or ratty shorts and a tank top.....and it's against my religion to wear a bra or shoes after work unless absolutely, positively necessary. Glad to be back home, where the laptop works anywhere I want it to and undergarments not needed.  Some whackadoodle Rand Paul campaign worker stomps on a woman's head, wants an apology from her........ and I have no access to the internet.  Oh the pain of it......Back to it now...... much catching up to do.  Hope you all had a good week. 

P.S.  The house still seems soooooo odd without my Mom in it.  Picked her ashes up today. Kind of a sad day.

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