Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lay The Blame on Jim Boys.......

From: I Should Be Laughing........

With all these gay, or gay-perceived, young men being bullied and harassed and teased and taunted and videotaped and outed into suicide, there is lots of blame to spread around, but I'd like to spread some of that blame at the feet of South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.
Not because he's an asshat.
Not because he's Republican.
Not because he's conservative.
But because Jim DeMint doesn't think openly gay people should be allowed to teach school.
Nope. No gay teachers because if you hire a gay teacher, then Jim DeMint says you are condoning "that" lifestyle.
And when Jim DeMint openly states that gay men should not be teachers, he is lowering us into the classification of "them". And he is condoning the mistreatment of "them" because, if we are unworthy of certain jobs, we certainly must be unworthy of practically anything and everything.
We are unworthy of simply being allowed to live where we choose.
We are unworthy of having the job we like.
We are unworthy of the same rights, privileges, and benefits afforded the bullies and the homophobes and the asshats, like Jim DeMint.
We are unworthy of being kept safe from harm.
To Jim DeMint, we are simply unworthy.
And if our politicians feel that way about the LGBT community, then that gets passed down to the voters, who pass it down to their children, who go to school and see a kid they think might be gay, and think it's okay to harass and taunt and tease and bully and drive those kids to suicide.
So, if you're looking for someone to blame for this rampage of gay suicides, look right into the eyes Jim DeMint, and you'll see one of the reasons right there.

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