Friday, October 8, 2010

Only in My Family

Well, I've heard alot of stories of people near death talking to deceased people.  Usually a parent, or a spouse or child.  Wednesday evening my Mom was talking to her sister, who died about 6 months ago.  Now most stories I've heard have been deceased loved ones telling them to come toward the light.....or encouraging them to come.....something pleasant.  Not in my family.  My aunt apparently told my Mom she had to leave here because we don't want her here and she's a "problem" for us.  Can you believe that shit?   She was one of those people who has something negative to say about every thing.  And I guess if there is a heaven and hell  ( who knows for sure?)  there's a good shot my Aunt isn't in heaven since she's not actually encouraging my Mom to go wherever she is.  I don't mean to speak unkindly of or to the dead, but ......BITCH......SHUDDUP! 

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