Sunday, October 3, 2010


It is amazing to me the utter filth, bias, bigotry, hate, and disregard for fellow citizens that has become the calling card of the conservatives in our government.
The ignorance, the race baiting, the religious zeitgeist that has overtaken the Republican party is simply stunning.
The latest words of wisdom come from Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.  Regurgitating the bile he spewed back in 2004, DeMint told a conference of pastors at the Greater Freedom Rally that openly homosexual persons should not be allowed to teach our children.  And then threw some gas on that fire by adding unmarried pregnant women to the list of those unfit to teach.
Jim, homosexuality is not a disease the kids will catch.  And homosexual teachers are not infiltrating classrooms attempting to recruit your children.  If your child is gay, THEY ARE GAY.  As a result of YOUR sperm and YOUR WIFE'S egg. 
As for pregnant women who are not wearing a wedding band?  Gee, Jim, what about the unmarried male teacher who impregnates a woman?  Does he get a free pass?  You only passing those scarlet A's out to the females?

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Here's hoping Nathalie Dupree does cook Jim DeMint's goose

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