Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wingnut of the Day

The prize goes to Republican Cory Gardner.  Of course, it's very early in the morning. .... we'll see what the day brings! From Emily's List:

If Republican Cory Gardner hadn't already heard that knowing thy opponent is a significant piece of any good campaign strategy, I thought he might be best served with a little note from this Betsy Markey fan. Gardner's latest attack ad is a desperate attempt to hit Betsy, but he completely missed the mark -- or Markey. Gardner's ad confuses our Congresswoman Betsy Markey with the Congressman from Massachusetts with whom she happens to share a last name.

Mr. Gardner, I'm sure that in the many months since you announced your campaign, you have learned all the amazing things that Betsy Markey is: a small business owner; an advocate for women and families; a mother; a public servant. She is many things, but she is not Cong. Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

The irony here is not lost on us. The Republican's ad cries to voters of CO-04 that "we deserve better". Yes we do, Mr. Gardner -- yes, we do

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